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"Human Mattress Dominoes" World Record in Shanghai

5 years ago106 views

You may have played dominoes before, a game where cascades of falling tiles can fill up an entire room. But you've probably never played it like this. It's a new world record—one thousand and one human volunteers falling backward in succession, separated by "dominoes" of upright mattresses.

It took place in Shanghai's Qingpu District at noon on Saturday. The challenge required volunteers to put their back against a mattress, and fall backwards when the time came, continuing the chain reaction.

The chain started at 1pm and took 10 minutes to fully topple. Then it entered record books as the longest human mattress domino chain ever—so far.

[Cheng Dong, Authenticator, Guinness World Records]: [Male, Mandarin]
"I think they did a good job. First, they managed to do it at one go. To succeed at one go with some 1,000 people involved does not simply rely on luck. All the participants must have fully understood the rules. Second, our volunteers were all very brave. No one dodged when the 2-meter-long mattress fell onto them. So the challenge was very successful."

Guinness representatives say that the first human mattress domino world record was set by 256 Chinese participants in 2010, but the record was upset by 850 American volunteers in February of this year.

Are the Americans ready to make a go at the title yet again? Perhaps they will, if all the right pieces fall into place.

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