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    How to paint a portrait with dry brushing technique, colored pencil and watercolor crayon

    Sandrine Pelissier

    by Sandrine Pelissier

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    Dry brushing is a technique that allows you to make paintings that look like drawings in less time. In this video I also used colored pencil and a watercolor pencil as I wanted to introduce some lines and fine details for the patterns in my drawing.
    For dry brushing you need a few stiff brushes to paint details and one or two soft round brushes for shading. What works well for me is to spread a small quantity of oil paint on a piece of cardboard, then rub my brush on this paint, and dry if a bit on a paper towel before painting on the paper. I find it surprising but you can quite easily erase the paint on the paper with a kneaded or regular eraser, this is very convenient when adding highlights to your portrait.

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