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    NEWS: Will Star Trek Return to TV?


    by IGN



    Elliander Eldridge
    About bloody time! ... but I'm not sure how I feel about it being animated. If I want animated science fiction I'd watch Japanese Anime.

    Maybe a live action look at how oppressive the federation can be. I mean, big government in general tends to get tied up in Bureaucracy and the Federation keeps on growing while taking the autonomy away from member worlds. At some point oppression has to start cropping up, and not just due to bad border agreements. That would make it relevant.
    By Elliander Eldridge4 years ago
    live action would be preferable but seeing alot of these other star trek animated stuff I seen on youtube is pretty good. Technology came along way from 1973 animated series to make it look really good today in 2012. I would really like to see how it would look going way back to the beginning. Perhaps seeing the person(s) who invented the warp drive and see maybe 2012 the shuttle's were dry docked, 2151 Zefram Cochrane discovered the 'space warp' well show some episodes of how this would of looked when the scintific break through was discovered. Perhaps show an episode of the transporter technology, 2010 two countries had success in transporting molucules about 10 feet away. And now they found the god particle, perhaps incorporate that into the discovery of new technology.
    By usascottwright4 years ago