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    LSBF Business Challenge Week 1: Dividend Policy


    by LSBF


    In this week's LSBF Business Challenge, we will discuss Microsoft 's dividend policy. Based on the content given to you in this video and the supporting material below, answer the following question:

    What is the most appropriate dividend policy that Microsoft could implement, initially in 2003 and then to the present date, by considering the impact on the shareholders and market perceptions?

    To join the challenge, solve the case study by posting your solution as a comment on the YouTube video on our YouTube channel: Each comment must start with "LSBF Business Challenge" and be posted on our YouTube channel to be accepted in the challenge. LSBF faculty members will choose the best answer each Friday and award the publisher of the post with a business-related book from the following choices:

    You can find supporting material here:

    To see the competition's full Terms & Conditions, visit:

    The first winner will be announced on Friday, 6th June. Good luck!


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