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    Mud Festival in South Korea Underway

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    by Geo Beats

    Mud Festival in South Korea Underway - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    While most of us would find the idea of rolling in mud a bit icky, there are some who do it enthusiastically.

    In the town of Boryeong, South Korea, ever year, 2-3 million people throng to the Daecheon beach and take part in the mud festival.

    It runs over 2 weeks and this year's will go from July 14th to July 24th.

    Popular among both locals and visitors, there are plenty of opportunities to play with mud in pools and slides that are setup across the beach area.

    If you don't mind getting a little dirty for a lot of fun, you'll fit right in!

    The festival originated in 1998 as a way to highlight the mud-based cosmetics from this area. The mud flats here provide the source ingredients which are considered to be rich in minerals that are beneficial for the skin.

    So other than frolicking in the mud, you can get yourself a massage or learn about the cosmetics from this region.

    So what do you think about the mud festival? Sounds like fun or a bit too much?