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    Boy Critical After Compressed Air 'Pumped' Into Him

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    Boy Critical After Compressed Air 'Pumped' Into Him - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Pranks have probably always been a part of our civilization but how many times do we hear of a prank gone wrong. This one in China turned out to be particularly horrific.

    A 13-year-old boy ended up in a coma after two men who worked with him at an auto shop stuffed compressed air into him, through his anus using an air pump.

    The incident occurred in the Shandong Province which is in the eastern part of China. After being in a coma for 8-days,

    he remained in critical condition as of the last report. The head of the hospital where she is being treated notes - surgeons cut open the boy's abdomen to release the gas, only to discover that his small intestines were bleeding profusely.

    In another example of a prank gone wrong, a couple of students allegedly caused an explosion at Craigmont High School in Arlington, Tennessee, leading to one person being sent to a hospital.

    A fire department spokesperson said the devices used Drano and aluminum foil in over-pressured bottles on the second and third floors of the high school.