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    Thief Steals Plastic Sandwiches Thinking They Were Real

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    by Geo Beats

    Thief Steals Plastic Sandwiches Thinking They Were Real - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    There are clever thieves that thoroughly think their plot through and then there’s a different group all together, the dense criminals. Recently, a Canadian thief, looking to curb his hunger, stole what looked like two real sandwiches from a 7-Eleven convenience store. The sandwiches turned out to be fake store props and upon realization, the crook threw one of the sandwiches across the road and kept the other. Police tracked him down and retrieved both items undamaged, returning them to the store, where the manager decided not to press legal charges.

    In another headline, CNN covered the report in which an individual tried to rob a deli in Arkansas using hot dog tongs. Apparently, no one took him seriously.
    This July, a Florida man, yielding a sword and a peanut butter sandwich as weapons assaulted two women. He became upset when he heard a disturbance outside his home, causing him to confront the females. While there were no serious injuries, the man reportedly poked one victim with a sword and smeared the sandwich on the other before being arrested.