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YOUPAYYOUDIE directed by ray novarese PART 2

il y a 12 ans18.2K views

YOUPAYYOUDIE part 2 - b movie mini series directed by ray novarese

director Ray Novarese said : " the main idea in this mini b movie series was to give a low budget tribute
to 70's and 80's cult horror movies; for exemple the sream queen has a meeting near the last house on the lefft.( rf wes craven ) and of course the chain saw use ( tobe hooper ) .
Thanks for inspiration : john carpenter , wes craven, marc behm, tobe hooper, sergio martino, dario argento
, goblins, gozadera, ishiro honda, takeshi miike, claude chabrol, the stranglers and many more ray novarese
All was shot in my father's house with a very cool and talented team. Thank to all again ! Ray Novarese

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YOUPAYYOUDIE directed by ray novarese PART 2
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