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    Special Report on the UN's Agenda 21 (March 20, 2012) - Diabolical Plan for Your Future


    by dm_500334169992d

    Agenda 21 is the comprehensive Orwellian plan for your life cooked up by tireless minions at the United Nations. Where you live, how you travel, what you may do for work, what sort of dwelling you call home... everything about your future has been decided. Science fiction? No. Agenda 21 is likely being implemented in and around your neighborhood - right now.

    Ask your local or regional planning department (which most people pay no attention to) whether they focus their planning on "sustainable development." They almost certainly do. But what doe the nebulous word "sustainable" REALLY mean, and who said they have to plan around someone's idea of "sustainable"? Who ends up defining what is sustainable, and what is not?

    Are YOU and YOUR FAMILY... "sustainable"?