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Video clip "Dance along" youth exchange in Fance (Bretanny-Redon) 2012
“I am so excited ! And you just can’t hide it !
I need to take a photo of this ! Yes ! Do it ! To send to my sis’.
Oh yeah, look at that ! What ? I’ve never seen so many ‘baguettes’…
Waou ! We’re really in France ! I can’t believe it, I’m getting so stressed.
Oh la vache ! We’re finally here ! I need to cool down, with a beer…
Definitely, we need to celebrate. Oh mon dieu ! It’s gonna be great !”
“You have nothing else to do, come to ‘Marabout’*… What are you gonna do ? Come to ‘Marabout’…
Stay in your cosy tents, you will meet your new close friends.
If your life needs a little more sense, there is the future, no past tense.
Dream is gone ! Let’s go to bar. Move your ass, you don’t have car !
Out of cash ? No problem, use card, to get smashed, it’s not so hard !
You have nothing else to do, come to ‘Marabout’… What are you gonna do ? Come to ‘Marabout’…”
“You think it would be exciting to deal with the French? But it is actually frustrating… I’d like something to punch !
Monsieur Michel, you’re rude to me ! ’Mais non, c’est vous qui ne me comprenez pas !’
Give me potatoes, you give me ‘pain’, give me tomatoes, you give me ‘rien’ !
I’m full of this, we’re out of here, Come on boys let’s have a beer !”
“Here we come again, to see what we could gain, Just change your face, change your sad face !
Hey don’t yell, don’t make a hell, we get along very well ! And do a compromise, with a special price…”
“This time we won’t cry, all we say good bye. When I’ll see the soon, I’ll hope to see you soon !
For the moments, thank you friends, For the happiness thank you France,
Thank you for a bit of sun, Also for a lot of fun !”
* Marabout : it is the name of the main tent, where we were eating and meeting.

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