Vintage Skateboards – More Than Just a Hobby but a Passion

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by Dmitry

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Today, skateboarding is a very popular extreme sport, and a lot of people who are into this sport are collecting vintage skateboards. Whether they are riders or simply spectator having a collection of vintage skateboards is both a passion and a hobby. A lot of these skateboards from the 60’s, 70’s and the 1980’s era are commonly known as old school, this term was given by modern skateboarders. Using vintage skateboards provides great aesthetics in this sport and also a great display in every home.

When collecting vintage skateboards, look for brands or styles that were very popular in their day. Many of these were created by the sport's earliest pros, such as Stacy Peralta, who sold his board designs under the "Powell Peralta" brand name. Today, these boards often sell for upwards of a thousand dollars. These high-end boards from the past are hard to come by. Not only are they prized by collectors, but they were also produced in very small quantities. During the sport's infancy, there simply were not as many skaters around. Those who did purchase boards often did not have the money to invest in high-end boards; these kids were working odd jobs like mowing lawns to save up the money to buy themselves a board.