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    Baloch freedom movement gains momentum


    by EuropeNews1

    Europe, July 16: Despite all odds, the movement to regain Baloch sovereignty is gaining momentum. In Kabul, the Council of Baloch Elders of Afghanistan expressed grave concern about human rights violations in Balochistan. In a seminar held on July 5, 2012, they called for urgent measures to stop the genocide of Baloch people. Prof. Naela Quadri Baloch, the president of World Baloch Women’s Forum, called for the formation of an independent Baloch nation. The “pick, kill and dump” tactics of the Frontier Corps (FC) and the ISI in Balochistan was raised seriously by the participants. In an estimate, over 14,000 people, including the political leaders, social activists and journalists, are missing and hundreds of their bullet-riddled bodies have been recovered from parts of Balochistan.