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    Duck vs. Diesel (2008 YTP) [COMPLETED]


    by Dan5589

    2 285 views
    I'm more than happy to tell you that after nearly four years since I had come up with a certain YouTube poop that I would've complete, even for the conclusion. (which is right at 20:50)

    Now here are all four parts of "Duck vs. Diesel" combined into a full length YTP film, as well as some few things that were slightly re-edited for improving stuff which I would have fixed, and added some new stuff. (and last but not least, I have removed some unnecessary bits including to have Microsoft Sam as the narrator, which turned out to be useless)

    Anyway now, for those of you have seen all four stand-alone parts of the poop that had been around for nearly four years; enjoy the finished poop.

    NOTE: All things are copyrighted to their respected owners