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    Agenda 21 - Green Kiss of Death - Alex Jones Infowars


    by dm_500334169992d

    Sounds like science fiction, but it is not. This video describes real-life effects of the shocking plan which the UN and affiliated agencies are implementing within the United States. This under the innocent disguises of "sustainable development", "environmental protection" and "endangered species" protection.

    Under the plan, you and your family are eventually to be herded into beehive-like ("sustainable") apartments in large cities. Vast interconnected swaths of the now inhabited and farmed countryside are to be depopulated and made into "human-free" zones. What is defined as "sustainable" is determined by unelected and unaccountable United Nations bureaucrats operating at the behest of robber barons and global corporations.

    Where you may live, where and how you will work, where you may travel... all has already been carefully planned by anti-human "Malthusian" would-be dictators and bureaucrats. They ply their craft by infiltrating government at the local level, where their positions are usually unelected and unobserved by most of the public.

    This is being implemented right now - today.