Yaoi Christmas Cheer NaruSasu-06


by Miyoshi

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This is a Christmas cheer video but with an obvious yaoi twist! If you don't like yaoi please don't watch! Thanks!

Happy Holidays


This is Claudia WoW niceee video, thx so much !
By Claudia 4 years ago
funny i never thought of them being kinda gay till i saw this.. no offence to you raging homos out there.
By object505 6 years ago
Sasha5712464.... it's like Brittany Spears or Jessica Simpson... I think... so someone similar to them....
By YaoiAnimeMangaFan 6 years ago
super la musik
By nekomimilapin 6 years ago
En 1945,une jeune fille nommée lata kulu vint en Amerique dans un bateau gris venu d' Afrique. Un homme etrange la tua en gravant le mot "LATUALATUKA" dans son dos. Maintenant si tu as lu ce message elle viendras pendant une pleine lune dans ta maison et volera ton ame a moins que tu ne suives ces instructions.
1.Reecris ce message en commentaires dans trois autres videos
By nekomimilapin 6 years ago
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