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    Dishes Made From June 28th to July 13th 2012


    by AntiCPSMom

    I had to struggle at the end to save this video because the Ana-affiliated hackers hacking my computer tried to preventing me from saving this video. Proof of the hacking can be seen at the URL below:

    before the hacking began I had been working for some time on the program with little disturbance. It was only when I was on the verge of saving the cooking video that the program went haywire!!!
    I can understand that if obsessed Ana and her sinister buddies are trying to pass me off as "crazy and stupid" they will inevitably feel threatened by videos which show my ample skills in multiple areas. Also given the fact that Ana's daughters were weaned on McDonalds, and that she has never fed her husband good food, she probably doesn't feel good seeing how I, even under these highly oppressive circumstances, when most women in my shoes would have had a nervous breakdown already, am feeding my husband wholesome home-cooked meals.
    Well, all I can say is that the truth will come out of all that Ana has done, and her disgusting smear-campaign which targets me, will only end up jeopardizing her in the end. She has her work cut out for her if she dreams of passing me off as "stupid", especially as I'm way more smarter than her , and multi-talented (which she is not). Also her weird belief that by using witchcraft (she LOVES that disgusting stuff and spends a fortune on it) she can accomplish her endeavors of passing me off as "stupid" will bear no fruit in the end.