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    Noah's Ark in South Korea - For 40 Days and 40 Nights the Rains Fell

    Barry Canada

    by Barry Canada

    748 views - Noah's Ark in South Korea (full story)

    It started to rain yesterday evening..
    and it rained.. and it rained.. and it rained.

    I was awaken at around 3:00 AM to find the windows in the master bedroom were leaking.

    Actually, it was more than just a leak, it was a constant flow of water pouring in through my windows.

    My wife and I began to take remedial actions to contain the flow. We got towels and started soaking up the waters.

    We pulled the bed away from the windows so that we didn't end up in a pool of water by morning.

    The leak was finally contained and we went back to sleep.

    However, it's still raining..

    It's monsoon season in South Korea.

    During this period, which runs from late June to early September, there can be heavy rain showers and flooding across the country.

    The picture in this post is the result of last year's monsoons, which caused severe flooding in Seoul.