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    Boaz Mauda sings "Boi Kala" by Yehoram Gaon in honour to Yair Rosenblum.

    Boaz Mauda (Hebrew: בועז מעודה‎, born April 23, 1987) is an Israeli singer and songwriter. He won the fifth season of Kochav Nolad, the Israeli version of Pop Idol, and represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finishing in 9th place.
    His voice has been described as somewhere between David D'Or and Dana International.

    Yehoram Gaon (Hebrew: יהורם גאון) (informally, Yoram Gaon) (born December 28, 1939) is a Jewish Israeli singer, actor, director, producer, TV and radio host, and public figure. He has also written and edited books on Israeli culture.
    The son of Sephardic Jewish parents—a Macedonian father and Turkish mother, both immigrants to Israel—he became an early inspiration of "solidarity and pride" for the Sephardic community.

    Yair Rosenblum (1944 -- August 27, 1996, also spelled Ya'ir Rozenblum) was an Israeli composer.

    יאיר רוזנבלום
    יאיר רוזנבלום (6 בינואר 1944 -- 27 באוגוסט 1996), מלחין ומעבד ישראלי, מחשובי היוצרים בזמר העברי, המזוהה בעיקר כמלחין הלהקות הצבאיות.

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