Nintendo: PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Will Not Overpower Wii U


by TheGamerAccess

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Nintendo's Wii U platform is just months away from being on store shelves and while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 have yet to be announced, Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo recently commented on his belief that the next PlayStation and Xbox will have "fewer differentiators in graphics" than the current generation of video game consoles. Understanding the power of the Wii U, I discuss Iwata's recent statement and whether or not I believe what he is stating.

Watch as I discuss my outlook on the topic and what I expect when Sony and Microsoft join Nintendo's Wii U on store shelves. How wide will the gap between the console's power truly be? Have we already seen what we expect out of the next generation consoles? We will find out when Sony and Microsoft take the stage to show off their latest consoles, but I encourage you all to watch me go into detail and then ask that you provide me with your opinion in the comments section.