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    The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review - Teaser


    by TheMoviePreviewCritic

    The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review is a special one, because it's for the BATMANATHON! Or, THE DARK KNIGHT-A-THON! Or, maybe just AWESOME-A-TRON! July 19th, 6pm, select theaters are showing the entire Christopher Nolan trilogy and we're gonna be there from start to finish, reporting from the front lines...or more line halfway up the theater smack in the middle.

    Review of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight Rises and of course, The Dark Knight Rises! Along with the unique experience of sitting with a packed theater full of Batman AND movie fans for 8 hours.

    It ends about 3 a.m. on Friday the 20th, so look for the review, here, late Saturday the 21st. It'll probably be around an hour long! If you're wondering what it'll look like, check out our Marvel Avengerthon Mega Review here:

    Until then, Long Live Good Movies!

    Wondering who Gallagher is? Check this:

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