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    Spider Venom Pizza Banned in Switzerland

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Spider Venom Pizza Banned in Switzerland - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    You know what they say - even good pizza is bad pizza. Well, what if your pizza was laden with spider or snake venom?

    A pizza restaurant owner in Zurich is in hot water after he came up with the idea of adding a minor quantity of poisons from homeopathy-remedies to his pizzas.

    The local health officials certainly didn't find the flavor appealing and asked him to stop selling those pizzas.

    The owner is not happy about it and notes "They were really popular, especially with people who have a phobia of spiders or snakes. They used the pizza as a way to get over their fears."

    He also says preservatives that are common in food these days can be more harmful than what he used to put in those pizzas.

    This is not the first time someone has come up with a headline-grabbing pizza.

    Nino's Bellissima Pizza has created a pie that costs a mind-boggling $1000. The decadent comes with caviar and lobster tail, ensuring a meal that you or your pocket won't forget for a while.

    What's the most unusual pizza you have had so far?