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    Remote Access How to
    Please watch and enjoy the video, then click the above link to learn more about how to set up your remote access connection
    with the best remote support software .

    Best Remote Support Software-BeAnywhere lets you remotely access your computers, protect your information and assure the integrity of the operating system in your PC with simple and affordable cloud-based solutions. BeAnywhere takes the complexity away from technology and lets you do more with your computer in an increasingly connected world

    BeAnywhere offers the following:
    - Screen Recording: Save the remote control session as a movie and use it for training or accountability purposes.
    - Quality Control: Create surveys with editable questions and pre-defined or free-form answers.
    - Easy Incident Routing: Channel your support requests to the appropriate technician or department.
    - NEW!! System Information: In-depht auditing and diagnostics data helps on management and problem assessment.
    - NEW & UNIQUE! Exclusive Link: Give your customers an URL in the format and add your company logo to the landing page.

    Best Remote Software