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    We Didn't Start The Fire - Indian Version

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    The Indian version of We Didn't Start The Fire - inspired from the original by Billy Joel. This video aims to capture important events in Indian history. This song has a beautiful meaning to it and if you like it, hit subscribe! Feedback and comments are most welcome.

    The lyrics for the Indian version have been originally composed and sung by:
    Karan Shah -
    Kinjal Shah
    Saloni Doshi

    Video prepared by:
    Annu Rihel

    A special thanks to friends and family for their support.

    Content inspired and taken from the following places:
    - Original song -
    - Instrumental -
    and other videos and images taken from YouTube and Google.

    No copyright infringement is intended and the video at best is an educational one. It is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings.

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