Whiskey in the Jar - my own performance on electric piano and guitar of this good song

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The simple structure based on the almost only the core and main accords like C,G,D plus more sensitive e-moll is creating this song possible, easy and attractive for almost every single person. the scale plus construction can be different, same like in the mathematic, the accords can be translated by the special tree, but G,e,C,G twice, ref. Dx3 + Desx1,C,G and later G,e.C.G once plus same refrain based on D-dur twice and once C plus G-dur, which are able lonely and alone the very good beer or whiskey song of good vibrations, dance, singing or performing the etc ... Song had made me the very good fun, this is not professional and not the heavy exercised plus prepared record based on the second impulse and good mood, more spontaneity then planned before. Let's also beer Guinness, who I had drunk not more then 10 time within the whole 31 years of my life.

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