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    My Little Disney: Christmas Scat

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    I literally threw this together in fifteen minutes. It didn't turn out too bad either, but the real reason is to tell you all my big announcement! Read below!

    Project update: IT'S FINISHED! It turns out I did reuse a couple of scenes accidentally, but I'm just a little too lazy to care at this point. Plus I think I can be forgiven if Luna has so few appearances... Anyway, it just needs a little bit of smoothing out and tiny odds and ends, then up it goes. Till then, I leave you with one... last... hint...

    Two words. Joss. Whedon.

    I do not own My Little Pony or Disney... for now! And if they want it to remain this way, they will pay me a ransom of... one billion dollars! MuaHA... hahaHAAhh... ha ha...
    ... I'm still working on the many villains forget the laugh...