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    CWaMania 2009


    by xusername26x

    The two-thousand and ninth episode.

    Smegaman 3 by Armcannon
    The Legend of Zelda by The Minibosses
    Scott Pilgrim Anthem by Anamanaguchi
    Can’t Touch This Battery by MixerProductions
    Pro Wrestling by The Minibosses

    CZW really got their shit together in 2009. The crowds were better, the wrestling was a lot better, Callihan/Havoc was a great feud that was actually blown off at the main show of the year for a chance and John Moxley debuted. All the main guys did good (B-Boy, Moore, Drew Blood (in his best year), Ego, Vortekz, Younger, Gulak, Gage, Sanchez, McBride, Swann) so it didn’t matter about the negatives (The Best Around were booked as effectively as La Resistance in 2003, Brain Damage stopped trying, Trent Acid’s last run, OMG had more enthusiasm than skill, everything about Billy Gram).

    Mike Burns returned as booker, so no wonder. For a brief time, The Era of Deej looked very promising