Man Robs Home and Uses Lawnmower for Getaway

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Man Robs Home and Uses Lawnmower as Getaway - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

What do you use your lawnmower for? The answer is obvious until you hear what one thief used it for.

He robbed a house, taking firearms, precious coins, and in all his wisdom, apparently used a Craftsman lawnmower as his getaway vehicle.

The police responded to this burglary in Spokane, Washington.

Few hours later, the cops received "a report of a suspicious person riding a lawnmower down the road". Eventually, the burglar was arrested even though he was not riding the mower at that time. He mentioned he had an argument with his girlfriend, who dropped him off on a street and he committed the theft at that time.

There are plenty of examples of not-so-smart getaway vehicles.

A smuggler in Romania carrying tobacco worth nearly half a million dollars was caught trying to run away in a horse and cart. Ofcourse, it didn't take the police very long to catch him.

A San Diego robbed a bank and escaped in a wheelchair. To make his escape even harder, the wheelchair was not even motorized. Once the authorities got to him, they had to call a minivan so he could be taken to jail.