Wild Gopher Snake on the Move Close Up

Judy Kennedy

by Judy Kennedy

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Watch out mice! Pituophis melanoleucus is comin' to get ya! While the gopher snake may look and even sound like a rattlesnake at first sight, it does not have rattles and is not venomous. It kills its prey by constricting. It is the best rodent control available so we happily let them be. To see one imitating a rattlesnake, watch my video "Gopher Snake Imitates Rattlesnake." We found that one in a closet! We put it back outside in the hope it would stay under the house and not in it. Last year we found two of them intertwined under our duck's pool. This one may be one of the resultant babies. We have not had a mouse problem since. So we love our gopher snakes and are very grateful to them!