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    Kailash Kher's Birthday Party was completely a Family Affair


    by H.S.Communication

    Kailash Kher's birthday celebration was held in Masala Mantar, where only a few family members, his band Kailasa's members and some close friends were present. Kailash Kher was the first to arrive wearing a black and blue striped T-shirt along with son Kabir adoring a grey one, followed by the guests.
    Usually, in such parties, a limited menu is decided and there prevails a buffet system but the distinguishing factor of this party was that everyone was free to order whatever they felt like.
    Kailash said. "This time, I wanted to celebrate my birthday as a part of the public and not apart and detached." Hence, one side of the restaurant was reserved for the get-together and the rest of the diner functioned as usual.
    The various guests present in the party were band members Paresh-Naresh, Sonal Sehgal, Bhumika Chawla, Siddharth Basu and wife, music-director Ram Sampat, singer Sona Mahapatra, Priyanka Bose and hairstylist Sapna Bhawani.
    In the end, after most of the guests left and only a fifteen or so were present, Kailash sang a few stanzas from his various harmonious songs and made the environment a melodious one.
    - H.S.Communication