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    Administrative Assistant Tips

    Andy Schwartz

    by Andy Schwartz

    164 views Learn how to become an Administrative Assistant. If you are interested in becoming an Administrative Assistant but don’t know how to become one. Our site will provide you with information on how to become an administrative assistant. We will also show you how to write an eye catching resume to increase your chances of getting a job. How to become prepared for an interview is also covered.

    Do you have good interpersonal and computer skills?
    Are you an organized person and enjoy keeping huge volume of documents in an organized manner?

    Why not become an Administrative Assistant

    Job Growth – over 34% from 2008 - 2011

    Salary Range
    $20,750 - $49,970 / year

    1-year Certificate or Diploma Program

    if you are ready to work in an administrative office then visit to learn how.