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    How to command a Samba Drums Section: Brazil Carnival ...


    por BrazilCarnivalcombr

    940 visualizações This Brazilian Carnival video we see the warming up environment (also called pre-parade) of the São Clemente´s Queen of Drums, in front of the Drums Section. Bruna Almeida is performing a series of samba routines, while at the same time presenting to the crowd the Drumming Section she "commands" as a fully elected Queen for that particular samba school.

    In this video we also see the rising starlet, Raphaela Gomes, Bruna´s cousin in the back, also showing her samba dancing skills. She is now the samba-school´s "Pricess".

    This video was made during the official technical rehearsal by Sao Clemente Samba School in Rio de Janeiro, 2012.