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    Lisa Marie Presley on Her New Album "Storm and Grace"


    by LifeMinute

    The 'Princess' of Rock and Roll, Lisa Marie Presley is ready for a new sound. Her latest album "Storm and Grace" is a nice, relaxed departure from her previous record.

    “It is less produced more organic, definitely not a pop record…sort of earthy naked,” Presley says.

    So, who influences her aside from her famous father, Elvis?

    Lisa Marie says, "my musical influences are usually singer songwriters from a long time ago."

    The music is certainly powerful but don't expect to see a highly produced performance from Presley.

    “I'd love to come out swinging from things and breathing fire but really, it’s a very intimate record so the shows are super intimate," she said.

    As for Elvis and his influence as a father, she says. “Every memory of my father was a great one…you cherish every single one when that person is not around."