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    North of Mâcon;
    The north of Mâcon is split, with the Neusdadt roundabout marking the boundary between the two sections. Flacé-lès-Mâcon, a village built in the city, constitutes the north-west of Mâcon. . In addition to the adjoining Town Hall, church and small downtown area, Flacé consists entirely of residential areas.
    The north-east of Mâcon is composed of various residential areas and the town’s sport centres (Physical Activity Training Course (P.A.P.A), public swimming pool, Centre for Sports Education, rowing, sailing and water skiing clubs, several football fields and clubs, and the Sports Palace). ). The residential areas consist mainly of low-rent council estates ( HLM) with districts such as the priority development areas (ZUP) of Mâcon or the boulevard des États-Unis (road belonging administratively to the Saugeraies district).