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    Blank Nation - IndieGoGo Trailer - Aberration Films


    by BlankTV

    So we're making a movie about the founding of the Internet's greatest indie music video channel, BlankTV! Written by our own lexicon devil Smitty and directed by Susan Dynner, (Punk's Not Dead), filming is slated for this September and Aberration Films is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to raise some start-up capital.

    Help us make the movie about BlankTV!!! If you donate, we have cool stuff we're giving away. Even one dollar helps!

    This video is not a trailer for the film (we haven't shot that yet - filming this fall) - it's bands talking about fictional characters that are in the film. We are currently raising money through Indiegogo so that we can go to England to film more bands for the movie (as you can see, we already shot Rancid, NOFX, Pennywise, GBH, Cockney Rejects, but we need more!) We will capture faux interviews with band members (think "Spinal Tap", but fewer exploding drummers) -- telling stories about BlankTV and the characters who work there. We also plan to film b-roll footage of crowd scenes, as well as bands backstage, and playing live. This footage will be interspersed within the narrative thread of the film as well as in the end credits.

    "Blank Nation" is a comedy about about a tight group of indie/punk friends working for a tyrannical boss and his burgeoning media empire, who launch their own competing music upstart company (BlankTV) from within his corporation, while dealing with love, lust and betrayal. From the director of "Punk's Not Dead," and the producers of "Brick" and "Balls to the Wall" (Penelope Spheeris).

    Any amount you can give would help immensely!!! We have some great perks for your donations - everything from DVDs and t-shirts, to walk-on roles or flyers of your band in the film - even lunch on set with the cast and crew.

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    Thanks so much!!!!!!!