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Town centre;
Mâcon Cathedral (Cathédrale le Vieux Saint-Vincent)
Saint Pierre Church (1859–1865);
The Hôtel-Dieu built in the 18th century by Melchior Munet, a student of Soufflot.
Mâcon’s town center of extends from Place Gardon, in the north, to the Roundabout of Europe in the south, from Place de la Barre, in the west, to the banks along the Saône in the east of the city. The center is the town’s shopping area. Most shops are located near the Town Hall (rue Carnot, rue Dufour, rue Sigorgne, rue Philibert-Laguiche, rue Dombert, rue Franche, the quay Lamartine, the esplanade Lamartine and rue de la Barre). It is also the historical center of the town. Most monuments are located in that area (Cathedral of Saint-Vincent, Church Saint Pierre...), as are the town’s two museums. The town centre consists of several districts which are all rather different from each other. With its Place aux Herbes, the Saint-Antoine district is the historic heart of Mâcon, despite its relative distance from the Town Hall. This district covers the northern part of the town centre; it is crossed by the rue de Strasbourg and consists of narrow lanes. There is the prefecture of Saône-et-Loire and the old Saint-Vincent Cathedral commonly called the Old Saint-Vincent. Further west lies the Square de la Paix, bordered by the Hôtel-Dieu, the Palais de Justice, Saint-Vincent Cathedral, plus the Vallon des Rigollettes and the Héritan district.
From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, the esplanade Lamartine underwent extensive redevelopment and upgrades. The winding car park and damaged cobblestones were replaced by an underground car park on three levels, a larger and brighter esplanade, bars, and a stage on the water (of the Saône river) which now accommodates all kinds of events, concerts and shows. The Statue Lamartine, which sits proudly on the esplanade, was completely renovated. Small gardens now brighten up the immense space that Mâcon’s Esplanade Lamartine occupies. All along, one can find an extract from the famous poem by Lamartine, “Le Lac”: "Time, halt in your flight... " engraved in the ground in silver letters.