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    Sony’s Acquisition of Gaikai to Nourish Vita and Enrich PlayStation


    by TheGamerAccess

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    Sony's recent purchase of Gaikai has claimed numerous headlines throughout the media as the future of cloud gaming for Vita, PS3, and the PlayStation 4 has unraveled in front of the industry. Once an open cloud gaming platform that delivered full video games, will now join Sony Computer Entertainment to offer experiences that were once impossible to ensure their customers receive the most innovative technology available.

    While many outlets seem to be blowing this acquisition off as a small purchase, I dive in on the possibilities opened up with the Sony and Gaikai alliance. PS2 backwards compatibility back to life? PS3 and PS2 games on Vita? Vita games on PS3? This is all possible thanks to Gaikai, so I encourage you all to watch me explain and then ask that you provide me with your opinion in the comments section.