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    Woman Killed During Hugging

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    Woman Killed During Hugging - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    A Michigan family is looking for some answers following a bizarre incident that ended in tragedy. A young woman was shot and killed after she hugged an off-duty police officer. Adaisha Miller went to a summer get-together in Detroit and embraced the party host, a veteran officer who was dancing when the incident occurred. Police officials state the woman hugged the officer from behind, causing the gun to discharge, but Adaisha’s mother claims the story is not consistent, as a witness allegedly told her there was some flirting between the two before the holstered gun fired while they were in a face to face position.

    Miller later died at a nearby hospital. Detroit's Police Chief, Ralph Godbee states that the officer is “very remorseful of the incident and the tragedy of this young lady losing her life.” He also states that 99.9% of the time a gun will not go off unless the trigger is forcibly pulled. Some call it a tragic, rare accident, however, the officer in question will be pulled from patrol while police internal affairs and local prosecutors investigate.