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    AT&T Drops $900,000 Phone Bill

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    AT&T Drops $900,000 Phone Bill - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.

    Michael Smith encountered an unbelievable phone bill for almost $900,000 back in 2009 after phone hackers accessed his small, Massachusetts business, Todd Tool and Abrasive Systems. Smith has found himself in a legal battle against AT&T with the company claiming his charges including interest now total over $1.1 million. Smith’s company is actually contracted with Verizon, who temporarily shut down his account’s international access after noticing a large number of suspicious calls to Somalia. However, the hackers were still able to access AT&T as a “dial around” service via Smith’ s phone system. AT&T accepted that the calls were fraudulent, but initially stated that sufficient safeguarding should have been done by the account holder to prevent unauthorized use. However, in a later development, they decided to forego those charges.

    Phone company and customer battles over a bill are common in today’s high tech world, but some charges are ludicrous. One Canadian couple encountered a $3,500 cell phone bill including a strange claim of ‘30 hours of data usage in one 24-hour period ‘ with no explanation from phone company, Bell. Last year, a Florida woman, received a $200,000 T-Mobile monthly bill for 2 weeks of international cellular roaming charges.