Le Musée de Saint-Cloud

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I am available as a private guide and business facilitator in France.

Saint-Cloud, just across the Seine from Paris, has a fascinating history and was largely destroyed during the Commune. If you like French history, you will want to read up on all this.

This museum does not charge admission and although better materials about the Commune can be seen in the museum in Saint-Denis, there is an orangerie/tearroom here and a quiet atmosphere you might enjoy. This is one of the more upscale and yet understated near-suburbs of Paris. I worked here years ago and it didn't appeal to me. It feels like a sad place, somehow. This being said, you can get here on public transportation, and if you don't mind climbing hills and walking a great deal or you have a chauffeur, there is a huge domain (park) and other points of interest. We visited on a Sunday and in most of Paris, everything is closed on Sundays pretty much. You have to plan for a "quiet day" and get what you need in advance, then take it easy. Does you good!

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