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    David Skynner's Wuthering Heights (1998) LWT, Part I

    Vampira Maila Nurmi

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    Wuthering Heights (1998) London Weekend Television (LWT)
    Directed by David Skynner
    Based on the novel by Emily Brontë
    Adapted by Neil McKay
    Music by Warren Bennet
    Starring: Robert Cavanagh, Orla Brady, Crispin Bonham-Carter, Ian Shaw, Ken Kitson
    ...Gipsy boy Heathcliffe is adopted by a god-fearing landowner in northern England and grows up as the soul-mate of the daughter, Cathy Earnshaw. When father dies, stern son Hindley returns and bans Heathcliffe to the stables; when they spy upon their upper class neighbors, Edgar Linton sends the dogs upon them and chases Heath but starts an affair -love comes only from him- with her. When Hindley's socialite wife Frances dies in childbirth, he is completely embittered, becomes a drunk unable to care for his son Hareton and has to sell Wuthering Hights- to Heathcliffe. After a misunderstanding Cathy marries Linton, Heath retorts by a loveless match with his sister. Even Cathy's death doesn't stop the cycle of spite, grief and harm so it poisons the next generation's lives as well while she keeps haunting Heathcliffe...
    Original Release Date: 18 October 1998 (USA)
    © 1998 WGBH Boston Rebecca Eaton, London Weekend Television (LWT)