Gay Pride Day Part 1

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So last Year we had a one of a chance experience! Now it is Amazing that Thanks to Dave, His Family, My Husband, and My Family we Get to do A Second Chance with A few one of a chance experiences thrown in:D So here is one of our Firsts Dave attending His first seattle Gay pride Parade!!!! Last years can be found in the video.......


well maybe but we are managing pretty okay with dailymotion :) if you want to try uploading direct to facebook it might also be worth a try just to see?..maybe a short video to "test"? ...oh sorry i meant you told me you could see my comments when i asked you ;) well yeah just us 3 again commenting so far but alot more views and likes than just cobrachris and I can leave for you so yes i would say there must be others enjoying!..maybe just too shy to write a comment for us ;)! :D!
ooh 175 is the goal :) and may i also ask how that's going so far? now i know your both on the Insanity he still doing weightwatchers? awe thank you yes so am I sooo many thanks to you n Mike:)!
yay thanks for the hoping as so far headphones are still working goods! :D!
By 1of3knights 2 years ago
@Christian Jones I hope this way is working for you as well? I will try to use face book if it would make it easier on you? Oh yay cool I am glad you do I thought it was a unique sight so i thought I should use it also pretty cool as it is a summer thing and a summer video:D Yeah cool I think Dave would be happy to see you say that as I think he was very happy to have warn that shirt:DOh sorry but thanks for asking that is our democratic out going governor Christine Gregoire she signed legislation to make Washington state the seventh in the United States to legalize gay marriage, but opponents vowed to try to prevent the law from taking effect. so we will see if next year if mike and I will be a legally married couple fingers crossed:D,,Cool Nice I am glad you could find him:) Oh nice good eye yeah the flaming one is a Guy Named David:D YES I am so happy that it let you watch:D and so happy that you have been around now for 2years of pride videos:D Your are a super great friend:D
By GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II 2 years ago
@ 1of3knights Oh you bet I know this is not as good as the other site:( Oh really it let you know as in how? Oh yeah sorry:( I hope it will start to work and if not then we will see if maybe face book is better? as it looks like so far it is just us 3 again that watch and comment yet I do like to think that maybe there are others that are enjoying us now that we are on dailymotion? I think he wants to get to 175:D,,oh yes all your smiling does and I am so glad you get to see how there are so many that don't care wither your straight or not:D okay ya for that I am hoping your nicer new headphones stay that way for long to come:D
By GIjoeFan1976 Ruks II 2 years ago
i likes that huge double stick lollypop at the start ha ha:) good job dave wearing the union jack for us!!!;) ha ha coffee cat burps you are funny!!:) who was the woman in the car being watched by the police men? i likes how michael was easy to spot with his green trombone and the man with the cool orange with flame pattern trombone!:) cheers david im glad it let me see your video of this years pride and remember i saw your last year pride videos!!!!:)
By Christian Jones 3 years ago
yay brilliant and thanks for commenting back :D oh nah it's fun now I know you can see the comments and I got email notifications of your comments :D! I just have to get used to the thing it does for me where if I "rewind" the video it won't easily let me get back to writing a comment ;) ...hehe okay and thanks that's nice of you to say and notice as I did pay attention to you :D oh yes I'm sure as well and may I ask what Michael's goal weight is again?..I think he or you said while I was there but I forgot already :( ;) ...hoh yes indeedy I had lots of fun and I think all my smiling helps to show that :D ...yep big yay and I didn't get super cheap headphones so as long as I don't tread on them they will hopefully last me quite a while ;)! :D!
By 1of3knights 3 years ago
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