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Tyler el Creador expulsado de El Grove para andar en monopatín! - Hollywood.TV

hace 6 años55.4K views

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Whoa -- look out, dude! For some reason, beats maker Tyler the Creator seems to think he's immune to the strictly enforced, 'no skateboarding' rule in force at celebrity shopping plaza, The Grove. Zipping up and down the main street, the Creator seems to shooting some video of his dangerous escapade on his cell phone, and fails to see a security guard step directly in front of him to block him, almost sending the skater flying into the ground. Knocked off his board, he is told to vacate the premises and, while retrieving his wayward skateboard, is warned by a onlooker, "You're going to hurt somebody with that."
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Tyler el Creador expulsado de El Grove para andar en monopatín! - Hollywood.TV
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