Call of Duty Black Ops 15th Prestige Hack PS3 PC, Xbox 360 USB Install Updated

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First delete any black ops update
second install the gpd on spare account
3rd load and enjoy

Download Updated GPD here: (Official Website)

Black Ops Zombies Mods Updated

Full Instruction Inside Files To Setup Mods

Enjoy,while its still not patch.

God Mode, Super Jump, Infinite Ammo, Rainbow Vision, Under/Outside the Map, Super-Speed, Ice Skate and Black Box Terry's Milk Chocolate hack! Enjoy

Back Button:
Activates paintball mode
bullet tracers
god mode
burst fire cooldown 0 (auto m16,g11)
Player speed increased
Unlimited Ammmo
Unlimited Sprint
Magic Box never moves
No Fog
Jump height increased (just a little bit)
Upgraded Raygun, upgraded Thundergun, upgraded L96a1, or deathmachine (switches between the 4 when pressed)

Start Button:
No Clip

Dpad Up:
Drop weapon

Dpad Down:
Deletes Zombies

Dpad Right:
Toggles 3rd person

Dpad Left:
Toggles Cartoon mode

Left Bumper:
Toggles between visions

Right Bumper:
Toggles time scale(game speed)

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