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    WTF! Pet Peeves Collection Book!

    Rich Ferguson

    by Rich Ferguson

    WTF - Pet Peeves and Other Annoyances that drive us nuts! From idiot drivers, barking dogs, screaming kids, stupid people at work, lazy roommates to annoying relationships, here's over 1,500 examples that people have no common sense!

    ...Leaving the toilet seat up, dirty dishes laying around the house, loud cell phone talkers, kids that run wild in restaurants, people who kick your chair at theaters, people who stop to think in the middle of the sidewalk, groups of kids that are hanging out with each other but all have their heads down to text, slow drivers in the fast lane that refuse to move over, cops that drive horribly, cars that park at the gas pump and then run into the store - while others are waiting for the pump, etc, etc...

    There are 8 chapters with thousands of relatable and frustrating moments!

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