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    Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen: UFC MMA fight recap

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    Mixed Martial Arts fighter Anderson Silva won at UFC 148 over Chael Sonnen in their second title bout this past Saturday. The MMA championship fight was an exciting one as Sonnen nearly defeated UFC's longest-reigning champion.

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    After a week of trash-talking Silva's country, family and friends, Chael Sonnen got what he deserved.

    Sonnen started out strong and pinned down Silva in the first round. But Silva came back, much like he did two years ago when he fought Sonnen at UFC 117.

    In the second round, Silva landed a knee on Sonnen's chest, robbing Sonnen of whatever momentum he may have had. Sonnen did himself in with an ill-advised spinning backfist, which caused Sonnen to fall backwards and gave Silva an opportunity to pounce.

    Sonnen is the only fighter to severely injure Silva and land such a huge amount of punches on the talented fighter. The close fight has many speculating a Sonnen-Silva rematch may soon be in the works.

    This win makes Silva the UFC's longest-reigning champion, with 15 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses.