The Dark Knight Rises '13 minute preview'

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An official 13 Minute behind-the-scenes preview of Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises". Featuring the cast and crew of the movie on-set during production

21 commentaar

Just a difference of opinion here, but I didn't like the movie, I didn't think it was any good. I thought that out of the Nolan films the first one was the best, "The Dark Knight" I found to be incoherent and poorly written saved only by the cinematography. This film however was just the worse,IMO. Just had no redeeming qualities,from its convoluted nonsense story,to its poor pacing and its inconsistent tone,it was a disappointment from start to finish. Out of all the films in the past year, I'd say "Elysium", "Robocop" reboot, and "Catching Fire" were the best over all entertainment wise.
Just a difference of opinion here, nothing more.
Door camethedawn laatste februari
This movie doesn't meet my expectations.
Door Stacy Giron vorig jaar
The best movie.
Door Bonnie Sanders vorig jaar
I love Anne Hathaway.
Door Cathy Rice vorig jaar
Awesome movie!!
Door Andrew Kraus vorig jaar