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    PS3 Magic - put Linux on PS3


    oleh alafuww99

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    Benefits Of Using Linux Operating System on PS3

    PS3 comes with it's own operating system that enables you to surf through it's interface and play games on your PS3. In addition to the games you can also run an entire Linux Operating system. Linux operating system will allow you to play Movies, MP3, PC applications, development tools, Internet programs, web browsers - most applications that are found in usual Desktop PCs.
    * Use your Play Station like a PC, with a keyboard and mouse. Not all PC programs will run on the PS3
    * Run your own operating system. This is a boon to those who want to personalize their system
    * Run Office suites - like Open Office or Microsoft Office
    * Run MAME and other kinds of emulators. This means you can play all your favorite games from yesteryear on your brand new shiny Play Station 3 - like SNES, Sega.
    * Play different types of media, such as DVDs, ROMs and CDs . Running Linux, you can watch movies or listen to music on your PS3
    * Never have an Unplayable file again
    * Use the internet with Advanced web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
    * Enjoy over 2000 Software applications to make your life as easy as Desktop PC
    * Install Windows through Emulators
    * Connect to network shares. This feature allows you to save and retrieve files on another server, thus saving your memory