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    SKWEEK How-To-Play (iPhone - iPad)


    by Freshuu

    Looking for the best way to control Skweek when playing the addictive action-puzzle free game on iPhone and iPad? Check out the pro tip right here!


    You can also see the full gameplay trailer, complete with animated intro here:

    In A Galaxy Just Around the Corner... Just the Other Day...
    SkweekLand is a peaceful place. It always has been. They see the World in pink over there. With reason. The World is pink over there. Or at least it used to be...

    Shock and awe. Some hostile invader spaceship comes out of nowhere and disrupts the skies with a powerful laser-beam, contaminating the whole SkweekLand planet with a deadly Skweekicide. Rapidly, the surface turns blue. Skweekettes are bound to perish from exposure to ugliness. The entire species is endangered.

    Skweek slips on his sneakers and grabs his fire-bubble gun, vowing to paint the entire SkweekLand back into pink!

    Through this free iPad & iPhone game, you rush across the grids to reclaim the planet, sliding your way through the mazes against the clock. Watch out for the numerous tricky monsters. Beware trapped tiles of all kinds. Use the myriad of warps, bonuses, power-ups and subterfuges to your advantage. There's a multitude of diverse action-packed, nerve-wrecking, brain-challenging levels wrapped into this fast-paced puzzle that grows on you like the fur on Skweek's back when he doesn't trim it... wildly.


    * Quick adrenaline fix and instantly fun yet offers a lot of depth and a true challenge.
    * 4 distinct ways to complete every level!
    * Swipe controls. No virtual pad or visual buttons. No fingers in the area of action.
    * Numerous diverse levels, Multiple "Modes of Play" -- Infinite replay value.
    * Achievements & Leaderboards in both OpenFeint and GameCenter.
    * Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Russian


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