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    HIGH PROTEIN Pancakes Niki's SLIM & TRIM Recipe

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    Niki’s Barley & Oats Pancake Recipe

    Makes about 10 Prep 10 mins Cooking Time 30 mins

    1 cup Goodness Superfoods Quick Barley & Oats (or rolled oats)
    1 1/2 cups wholemeal self raising flour
    2 tbs honey
    1 egg, lightly beaten
    80g low fat ricotta cheese
    2 1/3 cups oat milk (or almond milk)
    cinnamon to taste
    olive oil for pan
    600g frozen mixed berries

    Non stick frypan or crepe pan and saucepan for the berries

    In a large bowl combine the flour and the barley and oats. (Note: at this point add your protein powder to the mixture if you require more protein) Now add the milk, ricotta, egg, honey and cinnamon one at a time, mixing well. Heat up the pan on a moderate/high heat and brush a little oil or spray a little oil onto the pan. Using a soup ladle add mixture to the centre of the pan and roll pan gently to distribute it evenly. Now cook this side until lightly browned or until bubbles appear on top. Turn pancake over and cook until lightly browned and then remove. Keep going until all the mixture is finished. You should get about 10 large pancakes.
    While the pancakes are cooking take the frozen berries and add them to a saucepan and cover with lid. Place on a medium heat and warm the berries until they release their juices but retain their shape. When both are ready just serve up the pancakes drizzled with those yummy berries. DELISH !

    You can also use fresh berries or some sliced ripe banana with a drizzle of honey or real maple syrup.

    © Niki Mitropoulos 2012

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