ADAM DUNSTAN - "Not Sorry Anymore"


by DexterTrail

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Not Sorry Anymore is a song of joy after defeat. Like it's central guitar lick, it keeps moving, no mater what life throws at it.

All stories start in a moment. And the story of this song starts with the sea. Resting on a surfboard beyond the breaks of a Californian coast, Adam Dunstan listened to a friend's tragic story of personal triumph. Her words; "Adam, I just don't want to be sorry anymore." resonated with Adam like the waves on the beach. Later in the studio, with that moment in mind, Adam was experimenting with a fresh lick. A producer took note and inquired of Adam. Questions lead to discussions, and discussion to action. What Adam felt to be just a lick wrought from the morning's moment, was in fact a song; NOT SORRY ANYMORE.

Years later and nearly a continent away, a young man was walking thru Union Square in the rain. Instead of stopping to smell the roses, he noticed a single flower someone had placed in the hand of a Gandhi Statue. And in a moment, a whole story unfolded set to the music of his iPod. The young man, an upstart director, set pen to paper and new visual story was born. But a visual story needs a voice, and a director needs a star. As fate would have it Adam Dunstan moved to New York for a change of scenery, and the two met by chance at Paddy Reilly's Music Bar in the hear of Manhattan. Within weeks production was underway.

Adam Dunstan - Vocals & Guitar
Donny Brown - Drums
Andy Reed - Bass, Piano, & Organ
Peter Roessler - Second Unit Producer
Recorded in New York, NY, with additional recording at Reed Recording Company, Bay City, MI.
Engineered and mixed by Andy Reed


Starring: Adam Dunstan

Directed by Dominic Wilbrink

Camera Opperators:
Dominic Wilbrink